Hi! I'm Ciara.
 I'm an artist/poet/zine-maker who loves personal storytelling and queer culture. I make zines and poems that are cryptic allegories about my life. I love making mistakes and bringing difficult feelings to life. 
My 3D work often involved telling emotional stories through environmental storytelling. Over time, my work has naturally progressed to focusing on written stories, as I discovered my passion for writing about life not just showing reality, but showing the hidden emotions underneath.
I am also a mushroom photographer who loves to identify and study mushrooms. I am fascinated by their potential to end food poverty and the underrated yet vital part they play in connecting the world's precious woodland ecosystems.
 My philosophy is to create art by any means necessary. 
I work as a Junior Content Creator/Writer at Quadmark. 
Contact me via email for a copy of my CV and any references.
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